Who he is

Hlengelo Security Solutions sponsored Unqle Chriz single album titled "So Beautiful"


He was raised in an entirely Christian family, at a village called Makhuva and is the youngest of 3 children. His musical talents were discovered at 15, he was spotted by his Metro FM and Munghana lonene FM award winning cousin Moca.


Unqle Chriz has also earned an award nomination from Munghana Lonene FM (A South African Tsonga National Radio Station). In the same year, Unqle Chriz wrote a song “N’wa Ngobeni” for Moca which won a Munghana Lonene FM Award. He has worked with Nini Maluks (A South African deep house producer) on four deep house songs and one of the songs was mixed by “DJ’s At Work (Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Christos) on Metro FM.

Internationally he worked with Brandon Skyy (rapper from Florida), Zell Starr (rapper From Ohio), Yakini Crews (rapper From New York City) and RG Kelly Sr. (Songwriter from Milwaukee)". He also had an opportunity to communicate with Polow Da Don through emails. “Polow is one of the people I always respected. He taught me a lot even though we never met in person. My songwriting skills improved because of Polow. I’d refer to him as my online music mentor.” ~ He says. He also had an opportunity to talk to Kilo Ali (Atlanta, USA bass legend) and sing for him over the phone. “I made a beat for Kilo Ali but he could not record on it anymore because of certain issues which I will not disclose. However, it feels great that one of the greatest legends who have made it big internationally told me I make great music and that he really would have loved to work with me.” ~ Chriz says.

In December 2013, it was announced that Unqle Chriz had been signed to Krazy Swag/Universal. But he had to leave because the A&R “Kelvin K Chill Harris” who discovered Unqle Chriz, had to leave and start his own record label. “I have too much respect for K Chill, I think we kind of have common grounds. The love we have for people and the vision to save the world just says a lot about it.” ~ He says. Unqle Chriz also performed as an opening act for such artists as Kenny Lattimore, Vinny Da Vinci, Zonke, Zahara, Lira, Moca, Jonas Gwangwa, Judith Sephuma, Zakes Bantwini, Stimela, Freshly Grounds, Big Nuz and many more renowned artists.


  • Phalaborwa Community Radio Station
  • Munghana Lonene FM
  • Metro FM
  • Unisa Radio
  • Munghana Lonene FM
  • Capricorn Fm (After my performance at Marula Festival)


  • Europa (Night Club in Sunnyside, Pretoria)
  • Blue Room (Night Club in Hatfield, Pretoria)
  • Marula Festival (Annual Festival)
  • Musa Mabunda’s Wedding (As a guest artist)
  • Rhandzu Valoyi’s Wedding (Surprise guest artist)
  • Abigail’s Wedding (Surprise guest artist)
  • 2013 Fransies Talent show (As a guest artist)
  • Maphungubye Jazz Festival (Opening act for Kenny Lattimore)